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Personal Server
Personal Server

Rent a Personal Server to create, build, terraform or develop your personal community. Your server can have any number of regions with 65536 sq meters. The prim count is unlimited and based on the computer resources. Your personal server may be set up as a stand alone region or be connected up to any grid that allows.
Note: SecondLife does not allow servers to be connected to their grid.

The cost is based on Guarranteed Transfer speeds

Computer Resources L$/ 4 weeksUS$/month
300 Mhz 5400 $ 20.00
600 Mhz 6750$ 25.00
1.2 Ghz13230 $ 49.00
2.4 Ghz25650 $ 95.00
4.8 Ghz52650 $195.00

Email leialulu @ or Contact Leia Lulu for more information.

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Your Personal Server
Rent Your Own Personal Server Space to Create, Build Terraform and Save!
Learn more about how you can start using the same web tool that Leia Lulu uses to manage her business.