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How to Buy
How to Buy

Find Land

Search my Available Parcels site for available land. Land that is Resellable has a S in Region Settings. Land can be filtered by Region, Zoning, Rating, Area, and Sim Type. Click on the column headings to sort. You can also get to the available parcels page at by clicking the Available Parcels link and filtering for Leia Lulu.

When you find a parcel your interested in, click on the coordinates () of a plot to teleport there.

Click on "Teleport Now" to visit the location. The World map will bring up the location in World. Click on the teleport button in the world map and you will teleport to the land your interested in.

Buy Land

Right click on the terrain and go to the "About Land" window. You can also access this window by going to World - About Land in the Menu Bar.

A Buy Land button should be lit at the bottom of the screen. You may also see a Buy For Group button lit. You may press either of these buttons.

In order to begin the owning land, you must agree to the Covenant for that estate. Please read this carefully as it is the agreement to use the land.

You may view this covenant at any time through the covenant tab in the "About Land" window. If the land is resellable, the covenant tab also says that "Purchased Land in this region may be resold."

Future Payments

After purchase of the land, You will be sent a land mark to my Terminal, make sure you save this landmark. This is where you will make lease payments in the future. If you lose this, go to the Payment link on My home page.

You may also make Payments through Paypal

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Why Rent
The advantages of renting land

Why Buy
The advantages of buying land

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