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Why Rent or Buy Land through Leia Lulu?

You do NOT need a premium account

One advantage of renting or buying land through Leia Lulu is that you don't need to have a premium account to own or rent land, this saves you the $9.95 monthly fee of having a premium account.

What are the Rules and Restrictions?

Please look to the covenant for all rules and restrictions. Go to "About Land" and click on the covenant tab to access the specfic covenant. Go to Covenants page to see a list of Covenants.

Will an island be built next to my edge?

All of Leia Lulu's islands are seperated, if you buy/rent land next to an edge of the sim, then you will continue to have an edge. Another island will never be built next to your edge.

Is the land terraformable?

You may terraform the land anyway you choose, and the land is terraformable 20 meters below the water and at least 60 meters above. Mainland can only be terraformed 4 meters from the original terrain.

Are Mega Prims Allowed?

Mega Prims or Huge Prims(Prims larger than 10 meters in any dimension) are allowed but MUST be non-physical. Any Prim that crosses your property boundaries onto another tenants property will be returned.

Can I re-rent the Land??

You may re-rent the land to other avatars as long as all services that are paid by any avatar is provided by you. If the land has been re-rented, you must properly vacate the premises by completely clearing all objects and clicking on the Abandon Land for all parcels. Some Strictly Residential Islands can not be re-rented. Look to the covenant for more details.

Are clubs allowed?

You may hold clubs on commercial land. Some Both Commercial and/or Residential Island Land can not hold clubs. Look to the covenant for more details. Private partys and get togethers are allowed on Residential land, but may not include any commercial purposes.

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